About The Artist


Camilo Arias is a multidisciplinary Colombian Visual Artist currently residing in Canada. He is characterized by the use of saturated and vivid colors with a great load of contrast that, together with his organic and intuitive brushstroke, produces a work full of energy and tropical influences.

In his constant study of color, Arias makes frequent use of geometric figures and "Prisms" as he calls them, which become windows to other dimensions and universes where the artist can experiment using color as language, in order to transmit his message of exaltation to life and elevate his conscience and soul to create a great artwork.

The artist uses vivid realism to represent different topics, like: nature, the human being, his role in humanity - society dreamed worlds, and individual's relationship with his own interior or the exterior world. In his work, the astronaut and the diver figure out as metaphorical characters to express this infinite duality in Camilo’s work.

Vision ​

Art is for everyone and can other lives. We seek to promote Camilo Arias’s Fine Art Original painting for Collectors meanwhile trendy products and art prints for a wider audience at more affordable prices. In the shop, every piece has been personally designed by the artist to fill your home with creative, modern and colorful pieces adding an original touch. Through our Museum Quality Prints, customers can fill their places with unique art pieces. 

Mission ​

Art is not only for collectors; Art should be accessible for everyone. Every item here has been personally designed by Camilo Arias for the sole purpose of spreading his message of freedom, creativity, and self-expression to a wider audience. Through our Museum Quality Prints and curated products, customers can fill their homes with unique art pieces.


- "I have been looking at this painting for a while and my wife gave it to me for my birthday. I love it! And I love Camilo’s Art, specially the Astronomad series. While it could look a bit messy and disorganized at first sight, every brushstroke has been through. It comes from the deep analysis. Each color, line or spot comes with a specific emotion that the artist has put in it and that he transfers to the public when staring at this outstanding piece of art. On top of being a great addition to our small wall collection of paintings and arts, I see camilo’s art also as an investment as I truly believe and hope that it will gain value in time. Thank you." –  Filippo, Italy, 2018.


-“I was so impressed with the quality of the products and professionalism of the team. The price is reasonable and I’m happy that I was able to support the work of an artist I admire.” – Jonathan, Vancouver.


-“100% recommend. The products I ordered were worth the wait and the quality is superb! I’m excited to order more things in the future.” – Maya, Atlanta.



2014: Seven large commissioned wallpaintings in Panama.

2015: Solo exhibition “Manifestación”, Panama City, Panama.

2017: Collective exhibition with the Gallery Zunzun in many cities of France, as part of Latinograff Festival.

2018: Commissioned wallpaintings in Iceland, Spain, and Egypt.

2019: Participation in the 13th Cairo Biennale at the Modern Egyptian Art Museum.

2019: Solo exhibition "Psychedelic Roots" at Zamalek Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

2020: Collective exhibition, as a COVID-19 event support, at Arcade Gallery, Cairo, Egypt


Camilo Arias

“I seek with my art to recognize my self-being and the others, I am also looking to share my human experiences to connect with people and achieveour world's social change. I portray the beautiful fauna and flora of our planet to generate more environmental awareness and respect for animals. I wish to convey the history of those who have been silenced, the voice of the voices that still continue to shout, including entire indigenous civilizations".

Camilo Arias



Art came to me when I was surrounded by violence and suspicion, fear and death, and helped me overcome it and use it as a way of relief. For this reason, I get involved in projects that allow children with limited resources, from violent contexts, to have access to art and cultural activities. Using my work to mentor them aiming their self-development and impacting their lives positively, is my best reward.

Some pictures of those grateful moments...

Camilo Arias voluntary Camilo Arias ORIGINAL ART