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Art Description

This painting is my way to honor our matriarchs who with much effort, dedication and sacrifice, manage to transmit with passion the ancestral knowledge of their tribes, our native people. I have always been fascinated by painting them, by the magic of their dresses, colorful accessories and the energy that they simply emanate. Gunadule means person (Dule) from Guna. Guna is the name of the Indigenous tribe that can be found in Panama and Colombia. They live in what we call heaven in earth. These famous small islands of white sand, transparent water with some coconut trees where all you can eat is freshly caught sea food and fish. I painted the Gunadule being curious, as the unknown is a challenge, she assumes it with a mischievous and smiling look. Because she knows that after all, we are stellar dust and each experience is unique and invaluable.


Material Description

  • Giclée art printing is the best method to produce archival reproductions of artwork on paper or canvas. For this advanced process is using sustainable methods. Only archival certified inks, special light-fast inks. printed on high quality certified paper to guarantee museum-level quality. If treated and maintained properly, these prints will last a lifetime!
  • Hahnemühle German Etching Paper

    This heavyweight paper has a slightly warm base tone and a strong mottled texture. It creates a print with strong colours and deep blacks that feel rich and high in contrast. This is due to the texture of the paper enabling it to hold more ink and capture the light. With its weight and strong texture this paper gives an artwork a handmade crafted feel and museum quality print. Hahnemüle German Etching is a robust Giclée paper, meaning it doesn’t tend to fray as much at the edges.


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